Today in the city St. Cloud 19.02.2018
An Initiative to Give Ex-Felons Voting Rights Could Remake Florida’s Politics in 2020

More than a million Floridians can’t vote because of felony criminal records. That could all change this November.

That new washer could be as much as 20% pricier because of new Trump tariff

Americans could see higher washing machines prices thanks to President Trump's tariffs on imports, said Goldman Sachs.

Iraq seeks aid to rebuild after IS, but donors could be wary

Iraq hopes to raise billions of dollars at a conference next month to fund reconstruction after its costly war against the Islamic State group, but many fear the country's endemic corruption could und...

Reddit finds a hilarious childhood picture that makes him wonder whether his parents ever cared

We all have that one childhood photo that makes us question our parents' priorities. Reddit user tainter_tots was reminded this week of an incident he had as a child because his parents kept a photo o...

Trump's solar tariffs could put the breaks on rapid job growth in renewable energy

The Trump administration slapped tariffs on solar imports, a move that many say could reduce demand and slow job growth.

After Epic WWE Raw 25 Return, Stone Cold Is the Perfect Star to Be Future WWE GM

Business picked up on Raw 25 when Stone Cold Steve Austin interrupted Vince and Shane McMahon in the opening segment. The Texas Rattlesnake didn't say a word, and he didn't need to; three Stone Cold S...

Cloud Computing Happened, So Now What?

People talk about cloud computing, a lot -- but have we, as we stand in 2018, gotten used to the real mechanics of application migration and operation when it comes to cloud?

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