Today in the city St. Cloud 27.07.2017
Analysis: GOP Health Bill Could Cost California $114B

California officials say the state's budget could take a $30 billion annual hit if health care legislation proposed by U.S. Senate Republicans is passed.

Nutanix Bridges Cloud Diversity Issues, Unifies Multiple Clouds

In the multi-cloud hybrid-combination-cloud world, the layers of complexity get ever deeper. Cloud comes in even more shapes, sizes and deployment scenarios. Enterprise cloud company Nutanix has widen...

This facial recognition technology could help stop online child trafficking

Emily Kennedy spent her undergrad years reading child sex-trafficking ads.  She wanted to understand their ticks: Why was this ad formatted that way? Why did the same ads often have different pho...

Nebraska Officials Trying to Pay Long-Delayed Child Support

Nebraska state officials are trying to contact more than 400 parents who are owed child support after discovering that the Department of Health and Human Services didn't send payments in a timely mann...

An ancient 'skull cult' might've carved up bones to shame their enemies

An ancient "skull cult" might've existed thousands of years ago in present-day Turkey. Three deeply carved skulls found at the Göbekli Tepe archaeological site suggest that humans disfigured the...

A pain-free 'microneedle' patch could one day replace flu shots

An experimental patch could one day replace the annual flu shot.  Unlike other vaccines that only need to be taken once in a lifetime, or only periodically, the flu mutates so frequently that it'...

The Nasdaq 100 just broke a historical win streak, here’s what could likely happen next

The Nasdaq 100 fell and broke a historic win streak, here's what one technical analyst says could follow.

Multiple Narratives Mean Non-Stop Action In 'The Child'

Fiona Barton's latest — a followup to last year's hit The Widow — picks up with journalist Kate Waters as she digs into another cold case, this one an infant skeleton found at a building site.

Dell TechnologiesVoice: How Blockchain Could Revolutionize The Internet Of Things

The billions of smart devices coming to the internet of things could transform homes, cities and lives. But they also could create a serious security headache.

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